The CGA’s key mission is to work for the benefit of the gas industry’s professional interests and needs; help to raise its levels of expertise; facilitate the transmission of gas industry information; and represent the Czech gas industry at the international level.

To achieve these objectives, the Czech Gas Association,

  • being an authorised guild attached to the Chamber of Commerce of the Czech Republic for
    • 2.211 Gas industry, and
    • 2.210 Listed equipment – gas equipment,
    works for the benefit of the professional interests and needs of the gas industry/gas equipment industry in the Czech Republic;
  • Plays an integrating role in the industry and offers a broad forum for exchanges of information and experience of its members and other professional entities;
  • Represents the Czech gas industry and helps to promote the professional standard of the Czech gas industry and related industries, in particular through its specialised committees, publications, and educational events, and as a member of trade and professional organisations:
    • The Chamber of Commerce of the Czech Republic
    • The Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic
    • The International Gas Union (IGU)
    • Eurogas
    • NGVA Europe
    • Marcogaz
    • CEN
    in which it represents its corporate and individual members through delegates to steering bodies and technical commissions;
  • Represents the Czech gas industry in the development of international and national legal and technical regulations; it is a partner of the Czech Office for Standards, Metrology and Testing in the harmonisation of the national technical legislation with the relevant EU regulations (the CGA works as a Technical Standardisation Centre);
  • Manages the development of technical regulations (codes of practice) for the Czech gas industry;
  • Prepares joint opinions on general legislation influencing business in the industry, arranges for services in the area of this legislation, provides comments on the relevant legislative proposals, and draws up legislative proposals and amendments thereto (the CGA’s teams draw up technical opinions on the various fundamental documents, which, following debate thereon in the CGA’s Legislative Committee, serve as the gas industry’s official position on the documents being prepared by the Czech government and EU institutions);
  • Carries out shared activities with a view to improving engineering skills and increasing the competences of employees in the gas industry and in the gas equipment industry and to improving OHS processes in the industry, through conferences, seminars and other specialised events. The core of this activity is work in specialised committees structured to reflect the links in the gas chain;
  • Facilitates the transfer of information from the European and global gas industry, and presents it at conferences, workshops, and seminars;
  • Participates in teaching at partner higher education institutions as part of regular curriculum and lifelong education;
  • Works with Czech organisations, institutes, schools and other institutions with a view to acquiring, and applying in the Czech gas industry, the latest scientific and technical knowledge;
  • Promotes natural gas as an efficient fuel not only for burning in households and industry but also as a motor fuel;
  • Publishes the PLYN journal – one of the oldest continuously appearing gas periodicals in the world. Its first issue appeared in 1921 under the title Gas and Water;
  • Issues other non-periodical technical publications;
  • Publishes, distributes and sells technical regulations (codes of practice);
  • Offers two types of subscription (to print form and online form) – annual subscription – access to codes of practice (TPG, TDG and TIN). Since January 2015, the codes of practice have been available in an interactive version.

Since 2015, the CGA has been the sole owner of GAS s.r.o. [= GAS Ltd.]. GAS s.r.o. provides the CGA and other organisations with specialised services on a commercial basis in the following areas:

  • Certification: Certification of products; certification of organisations for work on gas equipment and installations; certification of cathodic protection staff; certification of plastic gas piping welders; certification of the transmission system operator and distribution system operators and providers of services to such operators;
  • DTP and IT: administration of information portals and computer networks; printing, IT services.
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