The Czech Gas Association (CGA)

The CGA is an independent association of organisations and experts operating in the gas and related industries. It is registered with the Municipal Court in Prague under number L 1250.

In 1992, the Czech Gas Association Association followed up on the extensive activities of its predecessor, who had established the Czechoslovak Gas and Water Association in what then was Czechoslovakia in 1919 and co-founded the International Gas Union (IGU) in 1931. The CGA currently brings together more than 200 firms and trade associations operating in the gas industry, more than 260 individual members, most of them distinguished gas experts, and more than 60 honorary members.

Major milestones in recent history:


Resumption of activities in the form of an independent professional association


Founding congress of the Czechoslovak Gas Association


Acceptance to the IGU as a representative of the Czechoslovak Federal Republic


Split into two national associations: Czech and Slovak


The launch of the CGA’s predecessor, the Czech Gas and Oil Association (CGOA), and the Czech Republic’s continued membership of and representation in the IGU and ENGVA was confirmed


Change of name from Czech Gas and Oil Association (CGOA) to Czech Gas Association (CGA)


The CGA accepted as an associated member of the Chamber of Commerce of the Czech Republic


The CGA acquired ownership interests in GAS s.r.o. [= GAS Ltd.] from innogy Transgas and regional distribution companies, thereby becoming the owner of GAS, s.r.o.

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