For the authors

Technical articles

By submitting their contributions to the PLYN editorial offices, authors and co-authors confirm that they are familiar with the Code of Ethics for authors communicating in the PLYN journal and that the submitted contributions have been prepared in compliance with the Code of Ethics.

Informative articles and reports on news

The articles usually cover one to three PLYN pages; no minimum extent has been set for reports on news.

Manuscript submission

You can send manuscripts via e-mail (, or by post on a CD to our offices at U Plynárny 223/42, 140 21 Praha 4 – Michle, Czech Republic. Please enclose a hardcopy of your manuscript and proofs of figures and tables (in particular as regards technical articles rich in figures and tables).

Please specify the telephone and e-mail details for the author(s) in the manuscript; for the purpose of fees, specify one of the author’s Birth Identification Number and bank account number.

Language requirements

Manuscripts in Czech or Slovak are accepted. PLYN uses the advanced Czech spelling.


In the event of doubts that the photographs submitted by the author have been made in compliance with Act No 89/2012, the PLYN offices have the right to reject them completely or to edit them (trimming, blurring of faces and sensitive data).

Requirements for manuscripts submitted to the PLYN editorial offices

Texts to be delivered to PLYN offices should be written in a text editor, in .doc (Word), .docx (Word 2007), .rtf or .odt (OpenOffice-Writer) formats. Manuscript formatting guide:

  • Use Enter only after the end of a paragraph; never use Enter to end a line;
  • Texts should be left justified only;
  • Do not divide words at the end of a line;
  • Normal text: font size 12, Times (New Times etc.), Arial or Courier;
  • Headings: font size 14;
  • Please do not underline any words or even headings; highlight important concepts or conclusions in italics only (not bold);
  • Formulae: Please provide them in a separate file and do not “typeset” formulae in the text editor;
  • No spaces between content enclosed in brackets and the brackets: (content), or between content enclosed in quotation marks and the quotation marks (correct: "correct"; incorrect: " incorrect ");
  • Ranges of values, times and distances [applicable in Czech/Slovak only]: use an en dash – (alt 0150) with no spaces; do not use the hyphen; examples: Praha–Brno, 16.–18. března, 12.00–13.30;
  • Figures: (graphs, charts, photographs, logos): Please provide them in separate files and never insert them in the manuscript in Word or other text editors (this would impair the quality of the picture); in the relevant place in the manuscript text, insert the figure legend or number and attach a list of figures at the end of the manuscript;
  • Non-digital figures: glossy photographs, slides, high-quality graphs;
  • Digital figures: The finest possible resolution (300 dpi), .jpg (compressed as little as possible), .tif, and .bmp formats; file size 200 kb and more;
  • A brief summary of technical articles (up to 500 characters, including spaces between words); attach at the end of the manuscript;
  • Key words: : for technical articles, write the key words (at least five) in the introduction;
  • Abstract – Containing up to 2,500 characters, including spaces, abstracts first outline the issue treated in the article and then describe the method and the results achieved. The abstract should contain references to the various figures, tables and equations contained in the text of the article. Abstracts will only appear below technical articles. Authors should feel free to approach the PLYN offices in the case of uncertainty.
  • Contact details for authors: – Please write a note containing contact details for the authors (e-mail and/or postal address).

Authors deliver the brief summary, abstract and key words in Czech/Slovak to PLYN offices together with the manuscript of the article; PLYN offices will arrange for their translation into English. In the case of authors from countries other than the Czech Republic or Slovak Republic, they attach the abstract, key words and brief summary in English.

Fees for authors:

The new compensation rules are set out in Internal Regulation 1/2020.

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