Last number of the PLYN journal – 1/2019


  • Interview with Martin Slabý, CGA Board Chairman
  • Demand for CNG in the Czech Republic Is Stable
  • Electricity Storage: Power-to-Gas
  • IGU in the new Triennium
  • The Gas Markets Committee’s Activities in the 2015–2018 Triennium
  • The Sustainability Committee’s Activities in the 2015–2018 Triennium
  • The Marketing and Communications Committee’s Activities in the 2015–2018 Triennium
  • The R&D and Innovation Committee’s Activities in the 2015–2018 Triennium
  • Support for the Development of New Renewable Sources, Including Biomethane
  • The European Commission’s Forthcoming ‘Gas Package’
  • In Brief...
  • Other Periodicals
  • CNG Motoring – New Fuelling Stations


  • Development of Codes of Practice in 2018 and 2019
  • The Trade Fair of Low-energy, Passive and Zero-energy Buildings, Prague-Letňany 2019
  • The Right Time for Replacing Old Boilers?!
  • The CGA’s Membership Base
  • The Board Congratulates
  • Remembering Karel Pavlů


The Second Wave of the American LNG Revolution and Its Echoes around the Globe

Tomáš Novotný

Summary: The second wave of the American LNG revolution brings increased production at lower costs. The contribution outlines the key US terminals, including their capacities and cost estimates. It also described the overall growth in LNG production around the globe, notably in Qatar and Russia.

Karlovy Vary Doing Away with the Legacy of Coal Gas Production

Lenka Jedličková

Summary: Erstwhile town gas production by the former state-owned company has left extensive ecological burden on the Karlovy Vary site. When privatising state-owned assets, the Government committed to pay for the environmental obligations that had originated before the privatisation. In 2017, after many years of project preparations, the remediation was started. The contracting authority is the Czech Ministry of Finance. This contribution describes the work carried out in the unsaturated zone to date and the preparatory work for groundwater remediation. The remediation work is planned for seven years.

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