Last number of the PLYN journal – 2/2022

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  • Gas Industry Facing Crucial Questions
  • Long Live the UGS Facility: Gas Supply Security Options for the Coming Season 
  • LNG, Its Own Production, and Biomethane Can Help Slovakia to in Phasing out Russian Gas
  • A New EU Framework to Decarbonise Gas Markets, Promote Hydrogen and Reduce Methane Emissions
  • Use of liquefied natural gas at EG.D, a.s.
  • GasNet Puts into Operation Additional LNG Filling Stations, now in Mladá Boleslav and Nýřany
  • Employing Modern Equipment in Capital Projects Is Friendly to Both the Environment and Prague Residents
  • The System for Digital Monitoring of Conditions in EG.D’s High-pressure Network
  • What Can the Gas Industry Expect from the Forthcoming Amendments to the Energy Act and the Construction Act?
  • Biomethane as the Future? But When?
  • GASCONTROL Contributes to the Construction of a New Biomethane Production and Injection Installation in Slovakia
  • Prague Is Preparing for Biogas Use
  • An Agricultural Waste Biomethane Plant to Be Built in Litomyšl
  • Looking into History
  • Other Periodicals
  • In Brief…
  • CNG Motoring


  • The Development of Normative Documents in 2021 and 2022
  • A Meeting in Brussels
  • The Summer Gas School


The European LNG Turnaround

Tomáš Novotný

Summary: Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has made Europe seek alternatives to Russian natural gas. One of the key options is LNG imports, mainly from the US and Qatar. The discontinued or abandoned projects for LNG terminals are being revived and new projects are being designed at an unprecedented pace. Enormously fortunate for Europe: countries on other continents rely on LNG, and so production and transport capacities are continuously increasing and will peak at the time when major European terminals are put into operation.

Key words: LNG, terminals, diversification of sources, sanctions, gas prices

In Particular Coal Phase-out in the Energy Sector Will Support Gas Demand

Michal Kocůrek

Summary: Gas-fired plants continue to be the necessary, less emitting alternative to coal-fired plants in the electricity industry and, primarily, in the heat supply industry. A study dealing with gas demand in the eastern part of the Czech Republic shows that most of the major electricity and heat suppliers are planning conversion to gas. Despite the current situation caused by the war in Ukraine and the EU’s effort to become able to do without Russian gas, most of the coal-to-gas switches until 2030, as presented in the study, should not be at risk. Electricity and heat producing operations, and also industry to some extent, will clearly be the key drivers of growing demand. On the other hand, the household sector’s demand will decline.

Key words: Gas demand, energy sources, the Moravia gas pipeline, gas consumption, heat supply industry

Natural Gas Expelled by Nitrogen: A Pilot Project

Zdeněk Kordík, Tomáš Krása, František Procházka, Jan Barták

Summary: The contribution discusses a technique for propelling natural gas (methane) between sections of a high-pressure distribution system. The technique was successfully deployed in a pilot project near the town of Golčův Jeníkov in November 2021. The contribution also includes a general description of the proposed technique, providing specific data from the actual deployment of the technique.

Key words: Natural gas, methane, carbon dioxide, hydrogen marker, nitrogen generating unit, nitrogen mixture, pipeline inerting


Radek Benčík, NET4GAS Managing Director and COO

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