Last number of the PLYN journal – 4/2017


  • The 24th Autumn Gas Conference
  • GASCONTROL – 25 Years in Energy (a PR article)
  • Impacts of Nord Stream 2 on the EU Natural Gas Market (a study)
  • The Baltic Pipe Gas Pipeline One More Step Closer to Implementation
  • The BRUA Gas Pipeline Gets the Go Ahead
  • Eastern African Countries: A New Source of Natural Gas
  • The Economics of Natural Gas Supply from Russia to the EU
  • Fossil Fuels and Biomass and Their Impact on the Environment
  • Other Periodicals
  • CNG Motoring – New Fuelling Stations


  • Mistakes Deprive House Owners of Subsidies
  • New CGA Regulations
  • Awarded Contributions Published in the PLYN Journal in 2016
  • Happy New Year (messages)


Approach to Combustion Air Inlet in TPG 704 01 and TPG 908 02 244

Aleš Rubina, Jakub Vrána

Summary: The contribution describes certain mechanisms for computing the natural flow of air for combustion, which are used in the current wording of TPG 704 01 and the new wording of TPG 908 02. In an understandable language, it explains the principles employed in selected algorithms to expert audiences, presenting the results of computations, under predefined boundary conditions, in simple graphs.

Libyan Gas Industry 252

Matthias Dornfeldt, Igor Korobov

Summary: Libya is one of the countries that supply natural gas to Europe. The Libyan gas industry and oil production have recently experienced two turnarounds: nationalisation, and the fall of the Gaddafi regime. The contribution summarises the manner in which the Libyan gas industry has coped with the changes spawned by these developments.

First CNG Buses in Prague 25 Years Ago 256

Zdeněk Halada

Summary: In March 1992, the first five CNG buses serving municipal transport in Prague set out to cover their scheduled routes. The author of the contribution, who played a major role in the introduction of CNG buses in the Prague municipal transport, recalls the developments up to that moment and the problems that the teams of fans promoting CNG as a motor fuel had to tackle. In the interview following the contribution he offers his own views of CNG development since its beginnings.

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