Last number of the PLYN journal – 4/2018


  • Natural Gas Supply in 2017
  • Innovation in the Portfolio of innogy Technologies in the Czech Republic: Rehabilitation of a High-pressure Pipeline Using Trenchless Technology, PRIMUS LINE® Sliplining
  • Prospects for Natural Gas Supply into the EU from Turkmenistan
  • Gas Burning in Flares
  • Global Energy in 2017 from the Perspective of BP Statistics
  • Expected Natural Gas Demand in the Next Five Years According to IEA
  • Research into Wholesale Pricing
  • Rising Prices of Emission Allowances May Accelerate the Transition from Coal to Natural Gas
  • Energy Demand in the Coming Years
  • Ján Volentič Has Left Us
  • In Brief...
  • Other Periodicals
  • CNG Motoring – New Fuelling Stations


  • The Safety, Reliability and Operation of the Gas System Symposium
  • The 17th Gas Metering – New Trends International Conference
  • Notice of the CGA Convention


LNG Shipping Economics

Tomáš Novotný

Summary: The contribution discusses some aspects of LNG marine shipping; it includes and compares the propulsion types, the tanker sizes, and the transport distances and costs, focusing on describing the shipping companies’ financials versus formally listed data.

Epypt’s Gas Industry

Matthias Dornfeldt, Igor Korobov

Summary: Egypt is one of the countries that may export natural gas to European markets in the future. However, the 2010s events have had an adverse impact on the development of Egypt’s gas industry. The result has been a drop in gas exports and Egypt has become a net gas importer. This contribution describes the evolution of Egypt’s gas industry and the country’s gas trade prospects.

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