The Czech Gas Association develops and sells codes of practice (TPG, TDG and TIN). It works as a Technical Standardisation Centre in the process of the development of technical standards, draws up technical position papers and provides technical advice on gas installations; the CGA is also responsible for international cooperation with CEN, ISO, Marcogaz and IGU.

The Czech Gas Association is involved in the process of the development and approval of both legislative and non-legislative documents having an impact on the energy sector, including reviews of strategic papers concerning the gas, electricity and heat supply industries. Through Eurogas, of which the CGA is a member, it facilitates direct contact with the drafting of EU legislation.

The Czech Gas Association provides education and training in the gas industry with a view to upgrading and raising employees’ technical skills and competences and improving processes and OHS in the gas industry, and it facilitates the transmission of information from the European and global gas industry and presents such information at conferences, workshops and seminars.

We cooperate with

The CGA represents the Czech gas industry as a member of various trade and professional organisations:

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